Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Extend Learning. With social distancing and school/work transitioning to remote, it provides an opportunity to extend learning. Yes, binge-watching Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ is awesome, why not give a platform for students to binge on their future, careers, leadership, and organization too? There are over 200 hours of leadership learning to devour and more added weekly… why jam all that into a few short days when they can take our time?
  2. Dynamic Scheduling. Every day and nearly every hour brings another update on the world health pandemic. No sooner than any of us make plans does everything seem to change. Spreading out conference access over time and blending live and on-demand access allows maximum flexibility to shift and adjust to changing schedules.
  3. Accessibility and Fairness. Not every home of a member has a computer or strong enough internet access to participate with no issues. We also have students with special needs or accommodations that we need to consider so that they can participate fully as well (e.g. hearing or vision impairment). While virtual conferences unleash new possibilities, time gives us options to see how we can make sure every student and school can be included.
  4. Internet Volume. With the move to remote work/social/school settings, the volume on the internet is unprecedented for the foreseeable future. Planning for a longer conference allows competitors, judges, or proctors with internet access issues to be able to reschedule. Additionally, while 200+ hours of leadership content already accessible, loading large files like general sessions or custom workshops from officers will take time to upload. Hosting conferences over a more extended period reduces pressure and gives more options to everyone.

Yes! The Virtual Leadership Experience is modular. We will work to flex and adapt the conference modules and support so they can seamlessly fit into your online conference.

Yes. The platform has 30+ hours of training videos, general sessions, motivational speeches, legislator greetings and catered program videos.

First, understand we want you to succeed and not be overwhelmed by the technical specifications it takes to load videos for your event. Our Tech and Media will help you the whole way. 

We will load your videos into the platform in either Live Stream (scheduled) format or direct up-load for on-demand access by your participants.

Ideal videos (episodes) should be no longer than 22-25 minutes to optimize the experience for online audiences. Files should be 750 MB or less.

Recordings from mobile devices (e.g. iPhones) will need to be converted before loading. We can assist you with that. Recordings made in an online platform like a ZOOM recording often save to .MP4 format and we can upload this to the platform. Recording, editing, and video production assistance and/or coaching is available. 

Plan generally for 72 hours for review, editing, and uploading of general sessions and workshop content. 

  • Optimal Video File Specifications
  • .MP4 file format (video container)
  • H.264 video code and ACC audio codec
  • 720p (1280×720) resolution at 30 fps (16:9 aspect ratio)